Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bodies: Skin, Paper, and Image

Brenda at Rubies in Crystal processes reflections on sexuality, intimacy, and relationships in a presentation of her work, “The Ethics of a Love Life of a Single Woman," where she layers bodies on bodies on bodies: a stylus-drawn transparency of bodies/lovers over epistolary bodies over the body of text from “a one-time flame.” The collision of bodies in this work of art is set in motion by the additional text Brenda provides as she explores body ethics – the boundaries that govern her own intimate engagement with other bodies. The reflection seems to culminate in as much question as conclusion and leaves me wondering about the “man of the cloth” and his place in Brenda’s journey. The work is wonderfully provocative and well worth the look/see.


narrator said...

Well, Brenda is one of my favorites, and you found her, and I found you (not an intellectual comment, but the best that I can do right now).

Brenda said...

Thank you, Mary, for this great compliment. I am, well, somewhat blown away. Layerings of bodies of lovers, yes, many layers in the image and the writing... I've added a link at my mirror post at Xanga, and hope you receive some more subscribers to your great site. I am enjoying the blossoming of your creativity, and am very, very glad we have met this way... xo