Monday, June 27, 2005

Embodied With Music

Kat at “Keep the Coffee Coming” describes her daily blogging as “The ramblings of a more than middle-aged baby boomer looking at the world with increasingly blurred eyes and wrinkled features.” I think of it more as story telling of the best kind spiced with just-right selections of accompanying music. Kat remembers with music, maps the passage of time with music, and, from time to time, brings new voices to the fore that echo again with feelings for now from days gone by. Ferron is one of the new-to-me voices introduced at “Keep the Coffee Coming,” and of this Canadian-born artist Kat writes:

Her voice just touches so many places and her words resonate and mirror all our experiences. She began singing in the late 1970's, and there's a whole lot in between like time off and carpentry and bartending but she's back recording. “Turning into Beautiful” is her latest project. … “Testimony”[is from] her third album released in 1980.

I found this song to be all that Kat promised and more, a sound inviting me to sink into the conviction conveyed in the lyrics. Here is a link to Kat’s posting on Ferron, and here is a link for the lyrics to “Testimony” if you, like me, enjoy feeding your eyes as well as your ears with a new song.

It is time worth the journey to travel on over to “Keep the Coffee Coming,” and, while you’re there, to pick up a listen of an old favorite or a new find. Downloads are available for a limited amount of time from Kat’s blog, but pay due respect to the artists/authors you discover as favorites and, if you like their work, buy a copy for your own library.

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