Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Make Hunger History

The upcoming Live8 concert - July 2nd at 10 locations worldwide - is the culmination of powerful forces working to change the world by uniting voices, yours and mine included, in an effort to command the attention of world leaders and to direct their energies toward the relief of world hunger. The promotional video (view here) is captivating, demanding repeated viewings. I encourage you to take time to go there now.

Now there is a way for you to help along with the possibility of of winning a chance to attend the concert of your choice. Go here for information about how to enter the contest: 50 backstage passes will be given away.

There seem so few requests for help that make a point of saying, "We're not asking for your money. We're asking for your voice." The ONE campaign is making just such a claim. Come alongside if you can.

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James said...


I have to say, I was honestly quite impressed with this new media presentation. As moving as it was though, it was still difficult for me to believe it with sincerity - when does an actress start and stop performing real beliefs?

In any case, excellent revamping of the template. Lots of love,