Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blog Day

Serendipity combined with doodle has inspired Israeli blogger and tech innovator Nir Ofir to see the word “Blog” in the numeric representation of August 31 … “3108” Play around with the font and the quirky number/letter match-up gets better and better. Anyway, from that moment of epiphany, Nir has launched the idea of “Blog Day,” and the word is spreading to make August 31 the first annual event.

What Nir has to say: “In one long moment In August 31st 2005,every blogger from all over the world will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs (on the same day). In this day all Blog web surfers will find themselves leaping and discovering new, unknown blogs and celebrating the discovery of new people, new bloggers, and new ideas. I am suggesting this kind of activity because in the last months I felt that the more blogs there are, the less time I’m spending on new web logs.”

The idea is to invest a piece of the day on August 31 to introduce yourself and your readers to five (5) new places of interest, five new blogs and five new ways of seeing/being in the world. Let your imagination run away with you, and who knows where in the world it may take you.

Join the effort - spread the word. Years from now you’ll be telling your friends, “I was there when it all started.”

3108 This!

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narrator said...

I don't do it on blogger, I haven't found "a community" here, but on xanga I've ended my posts with links to other blogs for the past 15 months. Recently, through an effort called "Quality Content Revolution" I've gotten other to start doing it with each post. I usually do around ten links, some just one or two. It doesn't matter, it's about showing people good stuff (or people who deserve encouragement) and leading them to it. Like recommending good books.

narrator said...

lots of typos: "gotten others to start" - "some people do just one or two"

Mary Godwin said...

(smiles)... typos don't matter here, but comments and meaning do. Thanks always for the time you take to read and make your contribution to thinking "aloud" with me. -mg

Nir said...

Tnx Mary!
See you on BlogDay!