Monday, July 25, 2005

Collected Cleverness

Here are a few internet “finds” that make for some fun on a lazy summer afternoon:

Via Lifehacker, who rarely fails to point me in clever new internet directions (her byline: Lifehacker recommends the downloads, web sites and shortcuts that actually save time. Don't live to geek; geek to live), I am reminded of Urban Dictionary. Similar to Wikipedia, this collaboratively constructed site gives the lowdown on lingo all the “cool kids” are bouncing around. Call me behind-the-times for my need to know, but when my friend said, “He’s a classic metrosexual,” I didn’t want to surrender the last shreds of “cool” I could still manage to claim, so I turned to Urban Dictionary to fill me in. I’m an Urban Dictionary believer now! I even own the sweatshirt: “Urban Dictionary: Define Your World”.

Along these same lines (Via Joho the Blog), I’ve just discovered, a look-up source for information, validation, or refutation of “urban legends,” those stories that take on a life of their own but leave us all wondering whether or not they are true. Barbara and David Mikkelson do the work of chasing down the answers, passing them on in turn to us. The glossary provided on their site is great background information, but if you want to jump in with a search on your favorite legend, go here.

Finally, via Matt at A Whole Lotta Nothing (a wonderfully human and tech-savvy blogger), I offer one of my summer’s best “finds,” a Flickr Collage maker that gathers commonly tagged images into a collection for viewing. I am a Flickr fan anyway, and there are a number of tools onsite at Flickr that do clever and amazing things, but this offsite offering is an easy, relaxing, and pleasurable exploration of public images available from the Flickr site. Here they are arranged in such a way as to explore the tagging taxonomy with which individual contributors categorized their photos. It’s great! Give it a try. (A search for “Tommi,” for example, will turn up images of my daughter, a lieutenant serving right now in Iraq.) Of course, if you find a photo you particularly like, you can click through the links back to the Flickr origin and see more work from that person, leave a comment, or maybe have a chat online.

That’s it for now. Have fun!

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