Friday, July 01, 2005

Got 15 Minutes to Make Some Science?

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

The folks at MIT are hoping to map the flows and patterns at play in the composition of the "blogosphere," so they're hoping for a BUNCH of responses to a call for volunteers to take their survey here. The fun part of the experience is in seeing how your answers compare to others who have completed the survey - an interactive graphic appears when you've finished the questions.

Here is MIT's description:

This is a general social survey of the greater weblog community being conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our goal is to help understand the way that weblogs are affecting the way we communicate with each other. Specifically we are interested in issues of demographics, communication behaviors, experience with weblogs and other technology, and the meaning of various types of social links within the blogosphere.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete, and we are asking anyone with a weblog to participate. The larger the sample of individuals we can get, the better our picture of the community will be.

How 'bout it? Got 15 minutes this holiday weekend? Go make some science!!

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narrator said...

should this phenomena actually be studied this way? I guess I should go there and see what they're asking...

narrator said...

Interesting: These engineers have never heard of anyone using a blog for fiction writing or poetry, which is what dominates my blog world. Thus, it is a strange survey for me, with no relevant questions. (How scientists screw their own data set. By failing to understand the range of likely responses.)

Mary Godwin said...

Narrator, I see what you mean, and it hadn't occurred to me before you mentioned it here that a primarily aesthetic expression escapes the gravity of purpose defined by the MIT folks. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the thought-provoking prompt. Glad to see you again. -mg

Michele said...

Hello Mary,

I have not yet taken this survey, nor have I followed the link to do so. However, I shall look into it sometime over the next few days. Thank you so much for pausing at my blog and for the wonderful optimism that flows through your comments and blog.

I shall indeed follow the links of the sites that you suggested in your comment.

Please have a glorious weekend. Now, I must add you to my blogroll.