Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Podcast Addicts: Getting Hooked

From the NYTimes online to comments from Hillary at “podcrawl” to the real deal from Dan himself at “The Bitterest Pill,” I have recently wandered through proof of the connectivity with which the world wide web is flattening the world.

Dan is an LA podcaster – an individually who personally produces a “radio” show for online broadcasting (though I understand the term can refer to listeners as well). Dan describes his work as “people talking and people who are listening.” Well, the growing interest in podcasting is now catching attention from established news media, and last week the NYTimes published a piece in the arts section of the paper that highlighted Dan’s podcast along with a number of others. The story on Dan, however, takes center stage inasmuch as in writing her story, reporter Virginia Heffernan framed Dan Klass as “an intelligent, low-key (depressive?) actor and self-identified addict in Los Angeles” whose child can be heard crying in the background of his broadcasts.

The report caught my attention and prompted questions of accuracy even before Hillary posted her shock and disgust at the suggestion that fellow-poscaster Dan was an addict… so not true, and Hillary sent her readers to hear the great work Dan is doing along with his own rendition of the story. Well, I went, I downloaded, and – as if I have time, the wonderful world of what else can happen online just took another leap forward for me.

Of course Dan told the sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating story of failed journalism, being at times in his report more generous than I think I might have been. I can understand why listeners are quick to become “addicts” of “The Bitterest Pill.” More than that, I understand better what Dan means when he describes Podcasting as “people talking.”

I have a feeling that Dan Klass is just a beginning for me. I’m off to Hillary’s place next to get the scoop on the best podcasts to collect for later listening, and then I’ll hunker down to some serious web-shopping research for the best price on a mobile player. This is going to be fun!

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Winston said...

Mary, thanks for the link to this, your "other" site. You are right, I am a word junkie. The origins of words and strange yet familiar phrases somehow fascinates me as much as the way we mod the language as we go along. I linked to Body Electric and will be back often to check it out.

Hilary said...
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Hilary said...

You give me too much credit Mary, but I'm glad to hear that you are finally expanding your podcast consumption!

Maybe check out Who Said? and Winston might like The Word Nerds.