Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sunflower Sculpture

Art in the Park is a favorite ritual of summer for me, and each year I try to find at least one "treasure" with which to mark the coming and going of the annual event. This year's find was a sunflower sculpture accompanied by a gathering of daylillies (pictured below). The work was composed by metal artist Missy Wojciechowski of Park Rapids, Minnesota. She says of her work, "I got into metal art purely by chance. My mentor who is a sixth generation black-smith needed help with a large project. Metal is a medium I have always wanted to work in, and when I got the chance to work with him, I took it ... Being able to work a flat piece of metal into the shape of a flower or a graceful vine is fascinating to me."

The Oakleaf Bowl, also pictured here, demonstrates the delicacy of craft and the deft hand with which Ms. Wojciechowski approaches her work. By my measure, I left the 30th Annual Art in the Park with this year's best of show.

The interesting "backstory" is that just to the right of where the sunflower sculpture is currently situated my friend and daughter-in-law, Jennifer, had planted a real sunflower plant that she had, through the winter months, carefully nurtured to readiness, and I, not knowing the difference between the flower and a weed, had removed it during a session of enthusiastic weeding. Ah, me ... I am not and never will be a gardener! The sunflower sculpture now stands to memorialize the proof of it, marking the spot and preserving our sunflower story against time.

Sunflower Sculpture
Originally photographed by Mary Godwin.

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