Thursday, July 28, 2005

Technorati Counts

Technorati is the place to go for taking the pulse of the blogosphere. At Technorati each new blog-post entry is indexed (now within five minutes of posting) and sorted according to the “tags” assigned to the content by the writer/creator/author of the entry. "Claiming" your blog and opening an account with Technorati gives you a platform from which you can track your own posts for how they are contributing to the dynamic conversation on the www and who might be linking your work online to their own. Poke around a bit at Technorati to see what indexing is all about and what it can tell you minute-by-minute about the topics of conversation that are hot right now. Then, jump in! Technorati give a collective voice to “the power of the many.”

“The blogosphere has been growing at an explosive rate,” says Technorati CEO Dave Sifly. Consider the numbers reported just yesterday:

·Technorati is indexing over 14 million blogs
·80,000 new blogs are created every day – one new blog every second!
·900,000 new posts are created every day
·37,500 posts are logged every hour

Get in there and start tagging: your contribution counts.

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Zataod said...

Except for those sites it mysterious won't index. I've even used technorati tags with my posts, but still no luck. My older blog has no trouble getting indexed by technorati.

Brenda said...

Mary, you tag posts at the bottom? Is that what those are? I find this whole way of mapping our writing, of sharing, wondrous. A collective explosion of creativity...

narrator said...

I've claimed my blog on technorati but I'm unsure of this tagging thing. Ah, one more thing to try and figure out.

But I'm always fascinated when hits come through technorati searches.