Monday, August 08, 2005

Festus Rockensock and More

“Festus Rockensock” is a name that just standing alone seems to want a good story to follow, or so I believed when I heard it from James – a friend and fellow blogger at “Food For the Brian.” James is a college student writing as one of a “changing breed” whose lives “consist of music, relationships, drama, social-life (or not), parents, friends, classes, books, papers, alcohol, coffee, all-nighters, deep thoughts, no thoughts, and a must-do-now life lived in the passing moments. Less than 500 years ago colleges and universities didn't even exist. So really, we're quite a new species.”

The humor of James’s post about Festus is all the more compelling in knowing that Festus is part of the lived experience of summer employment for James. It is a great read but one he “tops” with his post today about a motorcycle project just finished. I’m celebrating your victory with you, James, but if it’s all the same to you, I’ll stick to the heightened sense of security I get from driving my car!

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Sentinel 47 said...

HEAR HEAR! I find his writing great, as well. Props to you for giving much deserved attention to his quirky, raw, and living writing. Thanks for the post!