Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Life Expectancy

As wonderful as this life is, "Long life" has never been on the top ten of my wish list: I am content to be "done" sooner than later, though, harboring a hope for less pain than more in the details of departure, I do tend to live as healthfully as I can afford to live - a fact I now find to be interestingly in conflict with any thoughts of an "early exit." I just took the "How Long Will I Live" test that reported these results:

Life Expectancy: 93.54
Lower Quartile : 86.85
Median Lifetime: 95.15
Upper Quartile : 102.35

My conscientious living in exercise, whole foods, safe driving, and education is paying off in a currency I hadn't planned for. Well, if I have to be here longer than I had hoped to be, the good news is that I can at least expect to enjoy it. There's a (more than) "half full" glass in the news somewhere, eh?

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