Monday, September 12, 2005

Digging a Hole All the Way Through

I was one of those kids who thought more than once about digging my way "to China." This fun click or two of distraction tells me I was "off" on my geography a bit ... I would have come out just off center in the Indian Ocean. Ha!

Let the kid in you give it a try before you pass it on to your favorite Kindergartener.

Update: for some reason, the link above has been failing. If all else fails, you can find it again (working) here at Lifehacker. ...worth the trip.

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Rob Trinkle said...

So... if I dug a whole where I resided at when I was younger, I would end up in the middle of the ocean. Why would my mom tell me to go outside and dig a whole then? Now I understand why she always encouraged me to go outside and follow through with my idea of "digging a whole to the other side"! Good find, very interesting. -RT