Friday, September 23, 2005

Meanwhile In Minnesota

Saturday temperatures may reach the low eighties in West Lafayette, Indiana, but in Embarrass, Minnesota (a stone's throw from home for me) the temperatures dipped to 19 degrees last night and state-wide frost advisories were issued for the weekend. I just finished the fifth week of a sixteen-week semester; winter's coming even if I can't feel it from here.

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Winston said...

19 deg?! We're still in the 90s here in Nashville, unseasonably hot! It's almost October and the trees look confused about whether they are supposed to change the color of their leaves, shed them, or what... The climate control gods have taken leave of their senses.

Embarrass? Mary, you had to make that one up!

Winston said...

I wondered today if you are a football fan. Probably not. But what an exciting game between Purdue and Minnesota, with UofM pulling the upset in double overtime!

Sentinel 47 said...

Hear Hear, Winston!

FYI both of you -- I took a brief hyatis from Army-type work and sat with the "big boys" on a couch in the colonel's office... We had been to Baghdad yesterday via helicopter for a "very important" meeting, and somehow procured a healthy collection of donated cigars while there!

So... when we returned, we sat on the couch in front of a big-screen television, smoking cigars, some drinking near-beer, and watching the Gophers battle it out with the Boilermakers. I actually told the guys I was quite confused as to whose side to take since I have fan-gear for BOTH of those teams in my closet!

Oh, and Winston... I assure you that watching football is among Mary's favorite activities. (Just don't ask her which team she's rooting for -- her methods of choosing favorites vary drastically!) Smiles, all...