Monday, October 03, 2005

Playing With Tilda

Do you remember the first time you were instructed to keystroke a “tilda”?

The voice moved through a web address or some such with the tone of common-everydayness inflected to imply that knowing “Tilda” was simply a given, and you’d certainly never heard the term before. I laughed out loud when it happened to me … “tilda.” …never heard of that before!

“Tilda” is that wavy line (~) found in the neighborhood of the top-left of your keyboard and accessed with the shift-key held down. Yep, there it is! Well, Tilda is doing nifty things in a Google search to get more results out of a word than Google would return without it. Use “tilda” directly before a search word, and Google will return results for the word synonyms of the word as well – in this way searching something closer to concepts rather than specific/exact word. (For example, searcing ~pen returns pencils, graphite, and sketch.)

Give it a try!

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Rita said...

Wow! We must think alike. I saw that post about the google search with the tilda and had to try it out. I've been trying to find synonyms for my project.

Sentinel 47 said...

MARY! Check this out...

I was driven to check some definitions over knowing the "tilda" as you call it is indeed pronounced that way, but it's actually spelled "tilde." So I went to urban dictionary ( and checked it out (
define.php?term=Tilde&defid=740411). There were four definitions for tilde there, and I particularly recommend #s 1 and 2. I was amazed to find a reference to UK slang that is "wordless" and in fact replaces a non-verbal sentiment with a tilde. The definition had me rolling with laughter!

Thought you'd enjoy the extra 411. Happy reading! - tommi