Monday, October 03, 2005

Spinning in Morning Sun

In picking myself up and brushing off from any next difficult moment, I might hear myself say right out loud to no one there, “The Big Ball keeps on turning,” and by that mean there’ll be another day, another shot at whatever passage I believed myself just then to have failed. Life moves in circles and spirals and repeat performances, and the game of getting one piece more of the project “right” on the next round names the my (pre)occupation.

Harry Chapin has been keeping company with me since the beginning of this semester when I learned that he was the grandson of Kenneth Burke – “Burke” as in philosopher, critic, and rhetorician I’m currently reading/studying at Purdue. That little tidbit brought Chapin to mind, and he hasn’t left yet. …no complaints.

So, just a couple of days ago, my friend, Kat, over at Keep the Coffee Coming, made a gift of a Harry Chapin song for me (along with yet another fabulous word – “lagniappe” – go ahead and check that one out!). This song is Harry’s way of talking to the recursive nature of life – “All My Life’s A Circle.” And I don’t know what possessed me this morning, but still in pajamas, when I turned the music on (again), I grabbed a baton from the cobwebs in the corner and found a bit of second-floor deck to spin a bit of my early day into the sunshine and remembering. Good feelings. Thanks, Kat.

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“There’s no straight lines make up my life, and all the roads have bends: There’s no clear cut beginnings, and so far no dead ends.”


Kat said...
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Kat said...

Sorry, the first one wasn't enough. It said, you're welcome, friend, and that sentiment hasn't changed. What I wanted to add was you and the baton made my morning. It was such a wonderfully spontaneous movement and with pictures too!