Wednesday, November 09, 2005

American Diaspora

In the biggest mass migration in U.S. history, 3.2 million people were displaced from their homes. The American diaspora following in the wake of Katrina is graphically represented by the map shown here. Though many people from New Orleans and the surrounding areas will return to their homes in the foreseeable future, thousands of others will pass years in relocation before the possibility of returning can be made real. This visual from ePundant reminds me of what I already know … endings for dramatic stories are “neatly” packaged only in make-believe. I’ll be one more person at the benefit this Friday, at the Riehle Brothers Pavilion (2230 Concord Rd.) in Lafayette, Indiana.

The above map was based on more than 40,000 postings on Internet "safe lists" by Katrina survivors. ePodunk analyzed messages containing both the person's hometown and the location after fleeing the storm.

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Winston said...

Great graphic that really shows what looks like an explosion. Much more meaningful than columns of stats. Notice how many went to other coastal areas in TX and FL. It would be interesting to see maps for Katrina, Rita and Wilma all superimposed, since many that fled K had to run again when R hit where they had landed, and again when W came along. Talk about life in the fast lane!

Hope the bene is great success!

Junebugg said...

I knew we had lots of relocated cajuns here in 'Bama, but that graphic shows it even better. My God, I'd hate to start over with nothing but my wits, charm and good looks 8-}