Sunday, November 20, 2005

Equipped With Power: 18 and Voting

Election day in an "off year" of voting can come and go without notice; a fact that in a country the size of the United States can make it even more difficult to assure the many 18-year-olds I teach that there is substantial power in the privilege of their vote.

Congratulations and thanks therefore to Hillsdale, Michigan's mayor-elect, Michael Sessions, who will take office tomorrow, becoming America's youngest mayor and claiming the office in a victory won on the strength of only two votes! Mayor-elect Sessions makes my case for the power of a single vote at the same time he makes history following his month-long campaign.

Sessions who turned 18 in September, too young at that time to make the ballot, ran for mayor as a write-in candidate launching his campaign just a month ago with the money he made from summer job, $700, just a little bit behind what Mayor Bloomberg spent to be reelected in New York City -- $67 million.
Credit for the image above goes to MSNBC. Click here for more from that story and an interview between Sessions and Newsweek's Keith Olbermann.

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