Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Citing the increased demand on time - a demand rising more rapidly in the digital age, a recent University of California study points to the "mire of multi-tasking" as cause for the average of 2.1 hours lost to interruptions every working day. The study found that an average worker devoted only 11 minutes to a task before being distracted. Perhaps more importantly, it took nearly 25 minutes for the worker to return her attention productively to the initial task. The top five distractions were: colleagues, email, a competing computer task, being called away from a work station, and a telephone call. The new moniker for the condition: "work-induced, attention-deficit disorder." Whatever the cause - whatever the name, I'm prompted to more effectively lock down my focus now. My to-do list is growing shorter by the hour.

Want to read more? See The Herald and Time .

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Ken said...

This is just too neat. A colleague, Alec Saunders, posted about this whole life situation the other day. He called it "frazzing."

Mary Godwin said...

Ken, one of my favorite parts of this whole blogging thing comes with the connections we make to people, ideas, and places we might have otherwise never known. It's all good stuff. -mg