Friday, January 27, 2006

Out With the Cooper: I Want "MyCar"

UPDATE: I want to point you to Ken's blog, "Digital Common Sense," for his idea of an alternative to my choice below - "a real woman's car." He tells me that next year's model comes with a matching bracelet ... a definate selling point. Go take a look - just for the fun of it! -mg

It's called a "microcar," and I've only just started to follow the story on this emerging market, but I love these little guys. $7,000 U.S. and 60-90 miles to the gallon ... better and better. The 4'x8' size lends an almost "carry on" character to MyCar, but I'm still not complaining. It comes in bright yellow with a pop-off top! They say it won't make it in the American markets (size, power, and safety issues), but it seems a perfect gad-about-campus car for me. Anyone feeling particularly generous? I'll park one on my Froogle wish list just in case. Read more about the world-friendly qualities of MyCar at World Changing.

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Winston said...

I would guess the 4'x 8' size refers to its total footprint. But how can I carry home that 4'x 8' sheet of plywood for a weekend project?

Cute, economical, but as you suggest, probably would never get past the NHSTA crash tests. Nevertheless...

Might it be considered a Segway with a roof?

mslori said...

We saw one of these (or a twin) while we were in Spain this summer parked right next to a economy car. The My Car looked like a skate. However, we did see later full grown adults riding around in the cities in cars like this one, they didn't look too cramped or uncomfortable.