Friday, January 27, 2006

Phone Phun

I picked up a fun bit of free phone advice from Lifehacker that I'll pass along here: "Phone Phun" at (800) 555-TELL (8355) "delivers all sorts of useful information rolled up into a nifty voice-recognition system." My just-now try focused on the weather and confirmed the 45-degree, sunshine day that is happening in West Lafayette, IN right now. For those with more sophisticated gagetry at their disposal, this might be a step down, but it's a movie start time in a pinch, from the phone, and free of charge. ...maybe worth the noting and a minute or two of experimenting. In addition to the weather, I now know this is a 7 out of 10 day for Aquarians and that someone near to me is going to "throw a fit." I'm advised to be patient. I'll give that a try, too.

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