Friday, January 27, 2006

Russian Climbers

When time is so much the issue as it is for many of us, getting to the next nifty happening online can take a backseat. Well, tonight one of those "moments" I'd tucked away in my bookmarks surfaced again as I was completing other work and carried me away with some of the most fascinating amateur video I can recall seeing in years.

Brad Stone (Newsweek, 21 Dec. 2005) first pointed me in the direction of this video/essay, "Russian Climbers," with his report highlighting the wealth of film viewing increasingly available online. This piece takes you to the Google video library where, if you're not careful, you could get lost for hours. Wherever else it leads you, I recommend you follow through on at least a bit of this 8 minutes of amazing. It's a break worth taking.

Now, back to the books for me.

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