Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Slower, Better Thinking

I had heard of The Whole Earth Catalog many years ago, but the name "Stewart Brand" was new to me when a bit of the report posted today on WorldChanging caught my attention. I've opened the semester for my students with a discussion of the expanding notion of composition, the idea that "texts" are more than we might have before believed them to be. Brand speaks to the textuality of houses and cities that "learn" even as they "teach" various expressions of being civilized. Images from his How Buildings Learn juxtapose before and after "personalities" as they evolve with time. Brand compares and contrasts the process as it can be observed in houses as opposed to institutional buildings, for example. ...fascinating work upon which he expanded to discuss urbanization and the growth of the "City Planet" in his recent talk to the Global Business Network.

Read more about Brand at The Long Now, and don't miss the fun read you'll find at "Long Bets" from there.

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James Aach said...

Stewart Brand also recently spoke out in favor of nuclear power (gasp!) and has also endorsed a new techno-thriller novel on the topic written by a longtime nuclear engineer. It is set in Indiana and features a Purdue graduate, no less. Available at no cost on the net at

Mr. Brand's nuclear comments are in the May 2005 Technology Review, within an acticle entitled "Enviromental Heresies". It is available on line.