Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Body Play and Poetry

"Text Rain," a work by Camille Utterback (1999), conjoins the movement of letters/words with the body at play catching ideas/bits of ideas/poetry. Letters fall and continue to fall; words form or don't only as the body figures each next sliding moment. Participants seem unable to stand still: possibility compels (e)motion.

So many ways of being occur to me in the contemplation of "Text Rain," and though I have too many more books to read than there seems time available, I will make my way to a dissertation at this intersection of code and body and mind and dance. Here is literature for a new century - a "place" for discovery where I know myself invited to play.

I think I can. I think I can.

*follow the link to an experience in brief of the installation

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Winston said...

Fascinating! I have read this a couple of times now and am still quite baffled by the technology, which to me (engineer that I yam) is every bit as interesting as what Text Rain does. I felt like I was reading about the first generation of StarTrek's Holodeck.