Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Surprising Yourself

The trail on this bit of blogosphere insight runs from Kimet to Ramit and on to Rebecca before it reaches me, and though I often wonder how many "passes" constitute too many passings-along among bloggers, I couldn't resist just one more for this:

10 Things That Will Surprise You About Yourself

1. How much $ you spend per month
2. How long you spend talking to your family per month
3. How much time you spent working on the thing you say is your "passion" last month
4. How far you walk every day
5. How much you read NOT from a computer
6. How much time you spend organizing your life (bills, etc)
7. How many calories you eat per day
8. How much time you actually work at work
9. How much time you spend watching TV per month
10. Which of your goals you accomplished last year

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1 comment:

Junebugg said...

1. Too Much
2. Not enough
3. Not enough
4. WALK???
5. All I can, reading is my escape
6. Not enough, it's mostly piled on the kitchen table
7. Too Much
8. I'll take the 5th on this one
9. Not Much
10. None, darn it