Friday, February 10, 2006

The Work of Joan Myers

I was led a day or two ago to the work of Joan Myers, an artist/photographer and writer of the world through whose (re)presentations I find a door into reassuring rest - a place of quiet, whispers, and the gentle promise of music with the next breeze. You can view Ms. Myers' work online here. As my thoughts play from time to time in consideration of age and ageing, I am particularly taken by her study, "Women of a Certain Age." Enjoy.

thanks for Junebugg @ WDWN

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Junebugg said...

Doesn't her work touch a part of your soul! Too bad all of us could be as easy in our skin, age spots and all, as some of her models. Thanks for the nod, and I love your answer to the nasty e-mail I posted about.

Brenda said...

Wow. I only went through them once, setting off many feelings and thoughts, and will go back again & again. I love her eye, how relaxed her subjects are, all that flesh, and light, and the technique of doing a final watercolour wash is amazing. Thank you for this link, Mary. xo