Friday, March 17, 2006

Bruce Sterling @ SXSW

In his keynote speech at South by Southwest conference, Bruce Sterling talks about the future we're building and what we ought to do about it - what we inevitably will do about it. The entire talk is worth the listen, but the final fifteen minutes packs the bigger punches. Here are a number of the highlights for me:
  • It's not enough to verbally theorize about these issues. If we're going to get anywhere, we're going to have to become the change we want to see ... BECOME the change we want to see. And if I've learned something from hanging out with the European dissident crowd, it is make no decision out of fear. Make no decision out of fear. (applause)
  • The cure for the stampede is an historical perspective.
  • The great "American" novel is over - the next great novel will be regional; the region of earth.
  • When you can comprehend poetry, it means your heart is not broken.
  • And from Carl Sandburg's "The People, Yes":
    • " takes time, I wish I had time..."
    • "The old anvil laughs at many hammers."


Junebugg said...

If only our world leaders would think this way, but I don't see it happening. They just push and shove and threaten war. Makes one fear for our future and what our children have to look forward to.

Junebugg said...

Loved your e-mail. Did you see the Where I'm From post? This thing is an old writing exercise but it seems to have taken on new life. I keep getting links to others who have written one.