Thursday, March 16, 2006

Highlights from Harper's Index

Points of interest gathered from the February 2006 Harper's Index:
  • Margin by which total votes for Democrats in the last three Senate elections exceeded those for Republicans: 2,900,000
  • Number of seats won by Democrats and Republicans, respectively: 46, 56
  • Number of people whom Coalition forces have imprisoned in Iraq at some point since March 2003: 48,526
  • Percentage of these who have been convicted of a crime: 1.5
  • Number of workplace arrests made by U.S. immigration authorities in 1997: 17,554
  • Number in 2003: 445
  • Percentage change since 1999 in federal prosecutions of white-collar crime: ‒25
  • Estimated amount the U.S. would save each year on paperwork if it adopted single-payer health care: $161,000,000,000
  • Percentage change since 2000 in the average amount U.S. workers spend on out-of-pocket medical expenses: +93
  • Number of centenarians that the U.S. census counted in 2000: 50,740
  • Projected number it will count in 2050: 1,149,500

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