Wednesday, March 15, 2006

IVR: Interactive Voice Recognition

"gethuman" ... Get Human provides information to facilitate direct contact with a "real" customer service representative. The "why do we do this" page opened my eyes to some of the more pressing needs for human interaction on the other end of a service call, not the least of which included stories highlighting the challenge facing ageing parents and the frustrations they can experience trying to make themselves understood by a machine. Differently-abled individuals expressing from various points of view will find their own particular difficulties; mine have most often to do with time and the confusion of "getting lost" in the system.

The "Get Human" database provides company-specific information for reaching a real human being when you have a problem or need for customer service with a particular company. There are several hundred companies listed. For my money, "gethuman" is a great site to highlight with a place on your Firefox bookmark toolbar. And don't miss the video when you're checking around the site.

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