Monday, April 10, 2006

The Conversation Coming Into View

...and now I am seeing the F2C conversation in every direction. That's the magic of learning: it was there all the time, but teach me, and I begin to see.

(Flynn, NYTimes, 04.10.06)

San Francisco is going wireless. Google and Earthlink have won the bid. Details for delivery of service are underway even now, and there's a "war" a-brewin'.

So call this "practice" in a new line of thinking, and see if how I do with getting the questions lined out ... The issue(s) is who has control and what kind of service is (speed) is being provided - what is the cost? will access to information/content be restricted in any way? are consumer patterns of use recorded and sold? privacy issues? do the telcos have first dibs for providing service simply because "they were there first"?

... learning, learning.

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Winston said...

You've hit on the biggies that will ultimately drive this (the same things drive everything else): control, cost, who pays, who profits. The privacy issue should loom much larger than it probably will, because people want it and like sheep to the slaughter, will sacrifice privacy to get the instant gratification of high speed access everywhere.

Keep on learning and delivering to us, your loyal students...