Saturday, April 22, 2006

Introductory Composition at Purdue (ICaP)

The annual ICaP "Showcase" is an opportunity for outstanding first-year composition students at Purdue to present their work to an audience of peers, administrators, and campus dignitaries. Entries to the Showcase are judged for "Best Display of a Project," "Best Project in its Original Form," "Best Reflection," "People's Choice Award," and Dean's Award." The last of these categories, the Dean's Award, is the crowning event and awarded with a cash prize of $400. I am writing this post to celebrate my student, Gilwan Kim, in her selection as this year's Dean's Award winner. In addition, Gilwan's work was selected for honorable mention as "Best Display." Congratulations, Gilwan. I'm proud of you for the work you did. And thanks to Amy Ferdinandt Stolley for her hard work in making the Showcase happen.

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