Monday, April 24, 2006

Morsels: Harper's Index, March 2006

Harper's Index for March 2006 (excerpts)
Posted on Monday, April 24, 2006. Originally from March 2006.

  • Number of U.S. counties where more than a fifth of “residents” are prison inmates: 21
  • Number of these that are in Texas: 10
  • Percentage of Democrats and Republicans, respectively, who say the Iraq war was “worth fighting”: 4, 84
  • Total projected cost of the war per U.S. household, based on a January estimate: $19,600
  • Amount that one of Saddam Hussein’s military uniforms sold for at auction in December: $16,000
  • Number of suicide bombings known to have been carried out by Iranians: 0
  • Minimum number of times that Frederick Douglass was beaten in what is now Donald Rumsfeld’s vacation home: 25
  • Percentage of African-American families that have zero or negative net worth: 31
  • Chance that the family of an African-American child is too poor to qualify for the full U.S. child tax credit: 1 in 2
  • Number of half-siblings who have found each other on a website for children of anonymous sperm donors: 1,316
  • Greatest number of them who have the same father: 21
  • Minimum number of registered sex offenders who evacuated during Hurricane Katrina and cannot be accounted for: 2,000
  • Percentage of Americans who believe that China will be stronger than the U.S. in a decade: 42
  • Amount paid in January for one of William Shatner’s kidney stones: $25,000
  • Number of U.S. states whose constitutions require that public officials believe in a supreme being: 4
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Winston said...

That 1 - 2 combo is not surprising, since we know that Texas executes far more convicted inmates than any other state.

As to the last one, it would be interesting to know which 4 states. I would bet that Texas is one of them.