Saturday, April 22, 2006

Net Neutrality

"Net Neutrality" means that your connection to information on the internet is not metered or controlled by those providing access. Think of this along lines similar to the national roadway system: companies who build, repair, and maintain the roadways do not have a right to decide which roads you will travel. I can build a road, and I can build a restaurant, but I can force you to eat at my restaurant just because you drove on my road.

David Weinberger does a great job here of saying why net neutrality is so important.

Ken Camp tells us here about an important contest currently underway with Jeff Pulver and associates to compose public service announcements in support of net neutrality, a "save the net" campaign.

Finally, this video clip (worth the listen) makes an attempt to bring the issue into view for those who might be just entering the conversation.

One way or another, do what you can soon (now) to act in support of net neutrality. Compose a net announcement. Enter the contest. Contact your congressional representatives. Inform yourself. Discuss the issue with a friend or with a stranger. Talk. Connection is a basic human need, and connection to the internet needs to be free inasmuch as it is the transportation system for innovation, creativity, intellectual liberty, and democracy. Keep the roadway open and free. Connect America.

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