Sunday, April 23, 2006

Writing Online at Purdue

Vikram Buddhi, a 34-year-old graduate student at Purdue, posted comments to a Yahoo! message board and put Purdue in the news. He was recently arrested for repeatedly posting threats to the President of the United States (calls for assassination in addition to advocating acts of violence against the vice president, the first lady, and others).

When a local reporter wrote up the story, he drew a connection between message boards and blogging and contacted my son James for comment. James, also a Purdue student, blogs at "Food for the Brian" and was thrilled with the notice and contribution he was able to made to the story. His telling to me made for a great "mom" moment. I'm excited for the responsible representation James made of blogging, student online writing, and a balanced contextualization of factors.

Way to go, James.

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1 comment:

Winston said...

Pretty heavy stuff. Now James has had his 15 minutes, so he needs to understand it is all downhill from here.

Hopefully, the gov't will dispose of this case quickly and just toss the guy out of the country. We don't need another long-term detainee to feed, clothe, and house.