Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Class of 2005-2006

Can you tell I'm "cleaning my desk" and organizing papers? I can't help passing along the one or two great "finds" I've run across in the process. ...should have done this long ago, but I'm calling it good now, so here's another favorite:

The "national trends" mentioned below were given as part of the information I received at the start of the school year - tidbits of orientation. Time seems so easily to slip by without notice, and changes come in packets of surprise that catch me off guard for how big the cat has grown, how many more businesses have moved into town, how much smarter the kids have become, and how I don't remember seeing when any of the changes happened. The surprise is one of my favorite parts of life on the planet.

I've listed a few of "reminders" I was given - those most meaningful for me. The university undergraduates of 2006:

  • They do not know what the Selective Service is, even when the men routinely register for it on their financial aid forms.
  • They were born the same year as the PC and the MAC,
  • For them a browser is not someone relaxing in a bookstore; a virus does not make humans sick, and a mouse in not a rodent.
  • God has never been a "he" in most churches.
  • Recording TV programs on VCRs became illegal the year they were born.
  • Boeing has not built the 727 since they were born.
  • They are the first generation to prefer tanning indoors.
  • Artificial hearts have always been ticking.
  • Most know someone who was born with the help of a test tube.
  • And, one earring on a man indicates that he is probably pretty conservative.


Junebugg said...

Damn, now I feel old. I was reading an article the other day about the elderly and dreading when I hit that age mark, when suddenly I say "elderly ages 55 to 60" and freaked! I'm 50, I thought I was middle aged, not elderly.

Anonymous said...
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