Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Firsts: "Conversation" with an Android

Conversation with Zou Ren Ti was a "first" for me at the Chicago Robotics and Vision Conference. I was photographed here visiting with the android copy of Mr. Zou who was watching nearby. ... a great bit of conference fun!

Zou Ren Ti: Android Twin Robot,

Rated as one of the Best Inventions 2006 by Time magazine

Xi’an Superman Sculpture Research Institute (XSM) was established in 1997. A well-known private company, XSM specializes in designing displays for museums and exhibition centers. It is the first and the largest Chinese company to specialize in simulated silicone figures and android robots. Its work has filled the void of super-realistic sculptural arts in China. Its artistic work and craftsmanship have reached an advanced level in the world.

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