Monday, July 30, 2007


...found a new "must try" application. Jott is a quick sign up that lets you PHONE your email account with a reminder - an on-the-go update for to-do list from your cellphone. Jott converts your voice message to text that will show up in your email a few minutes later, and it works with txt msgs, too! Of course, it's FREE!... and like Abe says, "I like free."
From the site:
Try, a cool new web service that helps you get more done. It's been hailed as "insanely clever" and a "godsend". Very simply, Jott let's you use any ordinary cell phone to dictate an idea or memo to your to-do list via email and text messages - all by converting your voice to text. Best of all, it's FREE.

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Ballut said...

Jott is definitely a great find! I found Jott a few months ago, and it has done NOTHIN BUT GOOD! Great while driving and great for artists as well. You'll soon see the many integrations people have made with Jott since it's beta release.