Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Often, as I read along with many of your own writings online, a song will come to mind. You'll have something to say that triggers a memory or some conversations we've shared in a chat, and a song will start playing in my head. Well, now I keep a window open for Seeqpod, an application that searches for playable files from any artist that's come to mind for me so far. I've listened to Mellencamp after a "Cobert Report" story, Tori Amos with thoughts toward Tommi, Streisand for kicks, and Sinatra for mood.

I don't get much music time ... I am too susceptible to its call, and there seems always too much work to be done to afford any drift, but I'm finding Seeqpod to be just the thing I need for a fast "brain break" when the moment is right - a dip in the pool and back out again. Give it a try and see what you think.

From Seeqpod online:

The amount of music on the Internet is much larger than music found in catalogs or physical inventories. It's also a well known fact now that the Internet has a growing inventory filled with mashups, mixes and music of all kinds. SeeqPod crawls the entire multilingual deep web in the vertical space of music for playable search, discovery, recommendation and social experiences. In addition, people submit the music and videos they produce themselves as well as locations for music not yet found in the PodCrawler and search results.

At SeeqPod Music, you can search for music, music videos & podcasts by artists you like, as well as discover other artists and songs you were not familiar with. You can generate countless playlists of songs and videos, save them for future enjoyment and share them with friends by e-mailing or embedding a player and playlist in a web page.

SeeqPod is the home for playable search results.

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Wil said...

Hey Mary, profound thanks for the entry on this -- it'd probably have been another six months before I stumbled on to it -- a shame, given it's usefulness.