Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Smothers Brothers in Concert

The Smothers Brothers are approaching 70 years old by their own report, and this evening I finally saw them perform live! It was a great show... the YoYo Man made a special guest appearance, the famous brotherly dynamic was in full bloom, and the music was wonderful.

Of course, the jokes were entirely Smothers-Brothers fun throughout, so to share the moment, I'm going to take my hand at telling one of the jokes I heard tonight. Be fairly warned, however, I'm told this is one of my least accomplished skills.

So Tommy Smothers was at the airport, and he saw a guy getting on a flight with a dog, but the attendant stopped the guy when he saw him trying to take a dog on the plane. He said, "Hey, whattaya think you're doing taking a dog on the plane?" The guy answered "It's a seeing-eye dog," so the attendant let him pass. Then a second guy was getting ready to get on the plane, and he had a chihuahua dog at the end of a leash. Now the attendant asked this guy, "What do you think you're doing taking that dog onto the plane?" The second guy answers, "It's a seeing-eye dog," but the attendant challenges him, "You have a chihuahua for a seeing-eye dog?" The blind guy says, "Is that what they gave me?!" And then the blind guy starts swinging the chihuahua around in circles above his head, and the attendant, aghast, says, "What are you doing now?!" and the blind guy answers, "...just taking a look around."
Ok, so maybe the joke isn't that funny, and maybe I made it worse in the telling, but I actually had more fun writing it out for you here than I had when I heard it at the show. ...sometimes encores work!

There were a fair share of political comments throughout the show - of course, and the last song of the evening, "To Dream the Impossible Dream," struck a particularly moving note for me by reinforcing the many encouragements given to stay in the fight for saving our country. Tom and Dick Smothers were taken off the air years ago for raising their voices in protest of the Viet Nam War; how fitting that they are still here when we need them again.

The concert was arranged through the work of Lakeland Public Television as both a gift to the community and an appeal to support public television everywhere. My recent reading has made me more sensitive to the importance of an informed electorate, so I was particularly glad for the "Be More Empowered" clip that kicked off of the show. I'll share that clip with you here:

Fish Life

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