Saturday, September 15, 2007

Seeing Poetry

Since signing on to blog a bit with others at the Sycamore Review, I've been paying more attention to poetry. Of course, poetry isn't the only or even main focus of Sycamore Review, but it seems to be what has happened to me as I paid more attention (<-- an interesting phrase, isn't it? "pay" attention) to literature online.

I was lost for a few hours delicious hours the other day in poetry readings read aloud to me by the authors themselves at The Poetry Archive. Here I listened with ears and eyes to Patricia Beers, Anne Sexton, Dylan Thomas, and Spike Milligan (this last, at first, only because his name was so inviting). Even poets Tennyson, Yeats, and Browning can be heard reciting their own works, though the recordings bear witness to the passing of time as you might expect. Poke around in "historic recordings" to discover a favorite of your own.

Taking an otherly turn, I came across works I found to be called "animated poetry" and fell down a particularly wonderful rabbit hole with Billy Collins (44th U.S. Poet Laureate) and the series of his poems available on YouTube. Picking a favorite among these just won't work, but "Sweet Talk," "Forgetfulness," and at the top of my list, "The Best Cigarette" found more than one viewing with me.

From comments left on one of the Collins poems, I wandered on my way to this amazing bit of fun, work the writer called "graphic poetry." It starts slow, but give it a chance: "Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger."

To save you the link jump, here is "The Best Cigarette":

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Sentinel 47 said...

WOW... thanks for sharing snippets of your rabbit hole discoveries. I inhaled "The Best Cigarette" and thoroughly enjoyed "Harder Better Faster Stronger" (my new favorite)-- Amazing! So glad I have you to lead me down paths I would otherwise leave undiscovered. Thank you... --t