Monday, September 10, 2007


My new living space in Indiana comes with a washer/dryer, convenient location, plenty of space, and even a pleasant view from a private deck. It comes, too, with this rather impressive fellow-tenant. Being as impressed as I was with his (?) size, I tried to establish perspective in the picture by placing a mini wooden match nearby. The match is about an inch and a half. Maybe this is would be a "baby" spider in your neck of the woods, but he's all he needs to be to catch my attention. The big question: did I kill him yet? Answer: no... not yet.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! A pet!
If you have any plants on your deck, maybe the spider will munch on plant munching pests.
Glad you had a chance to enjoy that small piece of life outside your life in the print and virtual worlds. Smiles.

Wil said...

Nah... got to fatten that one up for Thanksgiving.