Thursday, September 11, 2008

Protect Democracy

It has been four weeks today since John McCain has allowed himself to be interviewed directly by members of the press. It has been three weeks since he has held a public town-hall meeting. All appearances in those weeks have been staged, 15-minute presentations - sound bites and nothing more. (source: Fox News)

The Democratic process requires informed decisions if it hopes to work at all, and if McCain/Palin cordon themselves off from access, from inquiry, and from being called to explain their position on health-care reform, educational funding, troop deployments and veterans care, funding for science and innovation, civil liberty infractions, and more ... if all we have are sound bites, how does democracy survive?

It doesn't!

Debating then Mayor Palin in his bid for the Alaskan gubernatorial seat, Andrew Halcro reasoned his response to Palin's willingness to withhold civil benefits to same-sex couples along these lines:

"Democracy must be more than two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. We live in a country that means to protect its citizens and assure equal rights under the law to each and every one."
If this democracy matters to you, get involved NOW! The last time we gave the country to Bush, we promised the world that we wouldn't let it happen again. Let's keep that promise.

We can.

Yes we can!

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