Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Too Much Risk

Lawrence Lessig takes up the challenge Palin set during her interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson on September 11 - to discover how her experience and qualifications compare to other Vice Presidents throughout history.

In only 12 minutes Lessig reviews and analyzes the qualifications of all 46 prior Vice Presidents to reveal that even in the most generous consideration, with the possible exception of only two Vice Presidents in the history of our nation, Sarah Palin is the LEAST qualified candidate ever to have been named to a national ticket.

I am distressed by this on so many levels, and not the least is as a woman working as hard as I do to command a voice equal to my male counterparts in determining the destiny of my nation, my community, and my world.

In Sarah Palin, the value of a woman is once again reduced to her ability to polish the man that stands beside her.

No press conferences? No unscripted questions? No answers?

"One heartbeat away" is not just a slogan: This is NO time to take such a risk!

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