Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Nations

Red Lake Nation
Leech Lake Nation
White Earth Nation

Barack Obama is committed to the interests of my tribal brothers and sisters. Anishinabe people, here is a man who will be president for us all.


Sentinel 47 said...

This is excellent! Our country needs Barack Obama as president. Thank you for posting the clip!

Anonymous said...

Mary I trust that you believe that Obama is the best thing for our country but he in my own opinion is not. The Fact of the matter is that Obama is so clowded with his own political agenda that he does not see that he is not ready for this job or the resposbility that comes with it. One particular situation that I have read from many diferent sources is Obama is for late term abortions, just in the recent past Obama had the deciding vote in a situation regauding a boched abortion where the baby had survived long enough to be born alive and when voting on whether or not to give this youg child medical treatment Obama voted no saying that it was not the purpose of this medical procedure for the child to live and as the this baby was dying a dumpster a nurse snuck away and held this beautiful baby until it died in her arms and after all this was said and done the nurse was fired. I believe that Obama pretends to care for the middle and lower classes while he steals money from hard working and, yes weathy people such as my family. He is redistubting the wealth. (wich is a socialistic concept by the way)He tells people only what they want to hear which makes him a liar and a fraud. If you have any thing to say in regaurds to this feel free to contact me at

Mary Godwin said...

Ross, thanks for stopping by, for taking the time to read, and for investing in a thoughtful response.

... a couple of thoughts in reply:

On the matter of taxes, the Obama proposal would roll the tax rates back to a 39% rate from the current 36% for income exceeding $250,000. My understanding of taxes in general is a kind of "spreading the wealth around" to the degree that tax revenues are distributed to both pay for services we all consume (roads, public safety, schools, etc.) and to put secure a measure of social well being that ultimately protects and secures us all. I understand Obama's tax plan to increase the measure of tax the wealthiest of us pay and to stabilize or reduce the tax burden that the middle class pay. I see this less a redistribution of the "wealth" than a redistribution of the tax burden, a restoration to previous distributions I find to be more equitable and more manageable for middle class families.

Though I acknowledge the rhetoric in play with the use of the term "socialism," I think there is a serious difference between sharing the tax burden (a democratic notion) and an act of government whereby the means of production is seized, held, and controlled by the state (socialism).

The issues entangled in a discussion of abortion are so emotionally charged and so personally derived that I think it best not to wade into these waters, but I will say that I would like for all women to have the freedom of choice over their bodies that Sarah Palin and her daughter were free to make. Though my own convictions would lead me to a certain and definite conclusion, I find it a violation of civil liberty to usurp the decision itself. More than the right a woman should have over her own body, this is a matter of the right to choose.

Finally, I wonder at your idea that to tell people "only what they want to hear" makes someone "a liar and a fraud." Do not take my question here as a concession that Obama can, in fact, be said to "tell people only what they want to hear"; I would not agree with that premise. But what provokes my interest more is the contention itself, that to do so makes one a liar and a fraud. Are you sure? Are there not moments of public discourse when the very same act would be considered nothing less than polite? civil? Are you sure you would want to put your own life under the scrutiny of the "law" you might want to make for Obama? Would the same law not also find McCain, Biden, or Palin equally indictable? Would it not find you indictable as well? In other words, do not the strictures of civil interactions and discourse demand a judicial and thoughtful presentation of ideas from all of us? ... food for thought.

After all I've said here, Ross, I close with this: keep thinking. Really, you are able and fit for the task. ...all good things! mg