Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lest We Forget

CNN, Jamie McIntyre, and a host of often unsung journalists behind the camera have created a 30 minute salute to our veterans for viewing today. This photo-essay tells many stories; perhaps most importantly, it tells our story. I have transposed snips of many of the conversations in the "appetizers" that follow with the hope that you'll be encouraged to give at least this much time to remembering today.

McIntyre himself says it best in his sign-off to this work: "Thank you for watching and thereby honoring our veterans." I add my own special thanks to Tommi and Abraham Godwin for their service with this last note: A mother could not be more proud of you both than I am today.

With the thanks of a grateful nation, "Veterans in Focus" (video below)

"We'll do this till this thing ends." Bangor International Airport Greeters

"This is my way of dealing with it." Bill McNaughton, caretaker

"If you show us an enemy, we'll defeat it. It's hard sometimes to tell what you're fighting: I'm fighting to stay alive." Thomas Cuddy, surviving Lou Gehrig's disease

"It gave one the confidence to really believe I was an American." Harry Akune, Japanese American

"I was like, this is it. I'm going to die." Colby Buzzell, Iraq War blogger

"You folks say the war ended 40 years ago, and I tell you, the war has never ended for me." Robert Etherson, Viet Nam veteran

"Among the homeless population, 20% are veterans." Samson Barris, Founder, Pathways to Housing

"For the first time in my life, I'm happy." Joe Boil, (previously) homeless veteran

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Sentinel 47 said...

Mom, Thank you for honoring us and all veterans with your thoughts and energy. Thanks for passing the video along; I watched it and was glad for the time. Thank you again for all YOU do.
- your favorite