Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"The International": One Redeeming Moment

So Clive Owen could persuade me to watch almost anything (... sat through the BMW online mini-movies twice), so even against the advice of friends, I rented and watched The International. Friends were right: watch this movie only for background noise and the occasional eye-candy Owen provides. Beyond this, the only redeeming moment to note passes in this exchange between Captain Martell and District Attorney Whitman (Naomi Watts) where Whitman is arguing for a more passionate pursuit of justice and a higher moral ground:

Captain: There's what people wanna hear. There's what people wanna believe. There's everything else, and THEN there's the truth.

Whitman: The truth means taking responsibility, Arne!

Captain: Exactly! Which is why everyone dreads it!

Point to the Captain.

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